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SeaWorld Returns Trainers to Water with Killer Whales, but only Off-Stage

In a move they telegraphed widely last week, SeaWorld has returned its trainers to the water with Killer Whales. SeaWorld says it is taking the re-acclimation process slowly, but having trainers interact with the killer whales in the water is … Continue reading

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Mixed Results in SeaWorld Orlando Killer Whale Trainer Death OSHA Case

The OSHA case against SeaWorld Orlando in the death of killer whale trainer Dawn Brancheau reached a mixed verdict today. On the one hand the judge ruled SeaWorld’s violation was not willful, merely serious, and reduced the fine from $75,000 … Continue reading

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Lawsuit Accusing SeaWorld of Enslaving Killer Whales Dismissed

As we reported earlier this week, PETA had filed a lawsuit accusing SeaWorld’s Orlando and San Diego parks of treating its killer whales as slaves. We felt the lawsuit was ridiculous on its face. SeaWorld officials called the lawsuit frivolous. … Continue reading

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Behind SeaWorld’s One Ocean

SeaWorld’s newest Killer Whale show One Ocean debuted in Orlando last month and is opening in San Diego this weekend. It will reach San Antonio in June, but they have to be patient as it was just announced that they’ll … Continue reading

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SeaWorld nears debut of new Shamu show – One Ocean

SeaWorld parks across the United States are nearing the debut of the all-new killer whale show “One Ocean.” The show promises to connect guests to the sea with a new level of energy, excitement, and vibrancy as it educates and … Continue reading

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