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  • The Avengers – Featurette
    The Avengers – Featurette

    While I was on board the Disney Fantasy, I saw a terrific 3D trailer for The Avengers. Afterward, I was the most excited I’ve ever been to see the movie. The 3D was fantastic, the villains actually seem capable of putting our heroes in peril and the heroes still manage…

  • First Shot from Avengers Set
    First Shot from Avengers Set

    Disney and Marvel Studios released the first shot from the set as principal photography began. Why I may have hemmed and hawed over Thor being a Disney film or not, this is truly the first Marvel Studios film where Disney has been involved since almost the beginning. So I’ll be…

  • ABC Flashes Foward With Two SciFi Series
    ABC Flashes Foward With Two SciFi Series

    SciFi Wire reveals some interesting details about two upcoming ABC series that have a science fiction bent. “Flash Forward” previewed recently during a LOST episode, it’s about what happens after the entire world blacks out for two minutes and is able to see a vision of their personal future. John…

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