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John Carter (of Mars) Concept Art

A day after the one sheet for Disney’s John Carter dropped, the LA Times got their hands on some concept art from the movie. The movie is now in post-production (a long period for a special effects heavy movie such … Continue reading

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One Sheet and Release Date for “John Carter” revealed

The One-Sheet and release date for Disney’s John Carter was released today. Odd that the initials on the poster are clearly J C M as in John Carter of Mars, the name of the Edgar Rice Burroughs novel this film … Continue reading

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Can the Pixar Magic transfer to Live Action

Ben Child asks a very intriguing question: Does the idea of Pixar – or rather, Pixar’s people – moving into live action appeal to you? And do you expect to see Stanton thrive in his new arena, or struggle to … Continue reading

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Brilliant Interview with Pixar’s Andrew Stanton

Creative Screenwriting Magazine has released an exclusive podcast interview with Pixar director Andrew Stanton. The interview is chock full of great material for its 70+ minute length. It covers Stanton’s youth to the future of Pixar, his views on WALL•E, … Continue reading

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Pixar confirmed to be developing John Carter of Mars

Every so often as a blogger you get a scoop that is really cool. That just happened to Mike over at The Pixar Blog. He as at a group interview with WALL-E director Andrew Stanton when Stanton revealed what his … Continue reading

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