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  • Lost Season 6: The Substitute (Episode 4)
    Lost Season 6: The Substitute (Episode 4)

    Usually, when I watch LOST I know I’m going to write a recap about it. I have a don’t-forget-about-that eye going in. Last night about 20 minutes in I said, “Oh, I just remembered, I’m going to recap this tomorrow.” I think it’s because I have NO IDEA what is…

  • Lost Season 6: LA X (Episode 1 & 2)
    Lost Season 6: LA X (Episode 1 & 2)

    **spoilers begin immediately** Losties. Oh, my losties. We have been apart for eight months! Eight long months! I’ve missed you! And I’ve missed the brain melt I get every week when watching Lost. And now, just when I thought I understood time travel and resurrections and smoke monsters, I am…

  • LOST: The FINAL Season
    LOST: The FINAL Season

    John informed you that LOST begins tomorrow. Let me reiterate that for all you LOSTIES: LOST BEGINS TOMORROW! The very last season of LOST. After all these years we are going to discover the truth about Jacob, the Smoke Monster, The Island and Widmore! Or will we? Will LOST’s island-ology…

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