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  • President Obama appears on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC

    President Barack Obama sat down with Jimmy Kimmel on Monday night, just 15 days ahead of the upcoming election. Last time President Obama was on Jimmy Kimmel Live on ABC he did a segment called “mean tweets” where you read the mean tweets and then respond to them straight into…

  • Cast of Avengers visit Jimmy Kimmel, Hilarity Ensues

    Here’s a little weekend watching for you. Last week the cast of Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron came on Jimmy Kimmel Live and it was fantastic. First, Jimmy used his montage to remind everyone just how far our superheroes have come: Then he got the cast together to play a…

  • Joan Rivers 1933-2014
    Joan Rivers 1933-2014

    Was she a Disney legend? No, she isn’t absolutely known for one specific role in the world of Disney, but she did have quite a few credits with the Disney company. Her TV movie that she wrote, “The Girl Most Likely To…”, aired on ABC in the 1970’s, she guest…

  • 50 Cent Stars in Maleficent Parody for Jimmy Kimmel
    50 Cent Stars in Maleficent Parody for Jimmy Kimmel

    Rapper/actor 50 Cent appeared on a recent episode of ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” and decided to debut the trailer for his version of Disney’s hit movie, “Maleficent.” “Malefiftycent” finds 50 Cent donning his best evil pimp outfit and horns to take on the role of the not-so-evil queen, in scenes…

  • Jimmy Kimmel Moves to New Slot on ABC
    Jimmy Kimmel Moves to New Slot on ABC

    Disney ABC has fired a shot across the bow of other late night talk show hosts moving Jimmy Kimmel to an earlier starting time. It may be a bit earlier, but Kimmel is still up to his old tricks. I liked this bit where Jimmy Kimmel has his hair cut…

  • Jay Leno on ABC?
    Jay Leno on ABC?

    You may have heard that the other night Jay Leno strongly hinted that since NBC executives were so ready to get rid of him, Leno is ‘retiring’ next year, he might just next be appearing on ABC. Well, ABC hopes he wasn’t just hinting: “I can’t believe they are going…

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