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  • Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo
    Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

    Time to close some open tabs: Floyd Norman, venerable Disney animator has been regularly updating his blog again. Lots of great historical information there. For instance, did you know there was a studio jazz band even before Firehouse Five plus 2? Yep, the Huggajeddy 8. The second annual ConGaloosh is…

  • Muppets return to TV, woo hoo!
    Muppets return to TV, woo hoo!

    This August 3rd, set your DVRs to the Disney Channel to record “Studio DC: Almost Live.” The Muppets look to return to form in a half-hour, music-filled sketch comedy show that will feature many of The Disney Channels current slate of stars, as well as a few surprises. Announced celebrities…

  • New Skits from The Muppets
    New Skits from The Muppets

    As you may know, The Muppets are revving up again. There’s a new feature film on the horizon and talk of a primetime television show returning as well. Recently a few new videos have been put up on youtube and the feeling is they’re an attempt to get some viral…

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