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  • Jay Leno at 2013 Pixar Motorcade
    Jay Leno at 2013 Pixar Motorcade

    Late night talk show host Jay Leno has a thing for cars. Those who live in Burbank have grown accustom to seeing Leno driving around in anything from a steam powered car to a classic roadster. As part of his YouTube channel dedicated to the classic automobile, Leno filmed a…

  • Jay Leno to ABC?
    Jay Leno to ABC?

    The Los Angeles Times looked into a situation where speculation has been percolating here and there in the media lately: What will Jay Leno do after he is replaced by NBC on The Tonight Show next year and he later becomes free to work for another network? And will he…

  • Jay Leno on ABC?
    Jay Leno on ABC?

    You may have heard that the other night Jay Leno strongly hinted that since NBC executives were so ready to get rid of him, Leno is ‘retiring’ next year, he might just next be appearing on ABC. Well, ABC hopes he wasn’t just hinting: “I can’t believe they are going…

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