• Bring to Walt Disney World: Google Cars
    Bring to Walt Disney World: Google Cars

    I’ve been a proponent of Google’s self-driving cars since I first heard about them 5 years ago. Like the folks at Google, I see a much safer and environmentally friendly future where cars are just a service you subscribe to and use on-demand. Google has learned a tremendous amount about…

  • Disney Launches a Startup Accelerator
    Disney Launches a Startup Accelerator

    That mad clicking sound you hear is the keyboards of thousands of hopeful startup entrepreneurs filling out an application to be among the first crop of companies accepted into the new Disney Accelerator program. The oft-unspoken secret to both Walt Disney’s success was that he was a better innovator than…

  • The Park – Innovation
    The Park – Innovation

    In addition to creating “The Happiest Place on Earth”, Disneyland was innovative in many other ways. In the 50’s, believe it or not, waiting lines at banks or airports were traditionally a straight line.  Sometimes a movie theater would bend them around a corner; the Department of Motor Vehicles would…

  • History of Disney’s Audio-Animatronics
    History of Disney’s Audio-Animatronics

    Walt Disney led his company through the invention of many technologies. In animation there was the Xerographic Cell transfer process and the Multi-plane camera, just to name a few. But one of Disney’s most major inventions was the animation of the human figure in real life – Audio-Animatronics. For a…

  • Ed Catmull on How Pixar Succeeds
    Ed Catmull on How Pixar Succeeds

    Mashable was at a conference where Ed Catmull, the president for Pixar and Disney Animation, spoke on how Pixar is able to find success in innovation. He believes in the old saying “It’s better to ask for forgiveness than to ask permission,” but his corollary is that it’s better to…

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