• Guardians of the Star Wars Galaxy Announced
    Guardians of the Star Wars Galaxy Announced

    A Star Wars/Marvel Crossover has just been announced at Walt Disney Studios! It was really only a matter of time before we heard about this announcement. Both are hugely popular franchises that have a strong space element. How exactly will they interact? Details are still light years way but it…

  • Frozen 2 coming direct to Broadway?
    Frozen 2 coming direct to Broadway?

    The big news announced today was that Disney will be mounting a sequel to it’s big animated hit Frozen, right on Broadway. Okay, not really. But the a talented crew led by John Walton West (Newsical, The Last Smoker in America) has created a delightful spoof on the very real…

  • Pooh for President in 2016?
    Pooh for President in 2016?

    2016 is the United States of America’s next opportunity to elect a new President. But if a candidate is serious about running, they’re already laying the ground work now. Did you know that Winnie The Pooh entered the presidential race four different times. First in 1968, then in 1972 (on…

  • Disney Villain Obits
    Disney Villain Obits

    College Humor, one of the internet’s leading sources of fantastic funnies, wondered how the obituaries would read for some of Disney’s greatest villains. Gaston is my favorite, but they also take on Ursula, Scar, and Charles Muntz, to name a few. I like this idea. How would you write the…

  • Disney Sloths
    Disney Sloths

    Today’s bit of Disney weirdness are sloths substituted for your favorite Disney Princess. Created by Buzzfeed’s talented illustrator Jen Lewis, these examples show an alternate reality where sloths have their own movies in place of Disney princesses. I think Lewis is trying to make some sort of statement about women…

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