• Kylo Ren Outtakes

    You don’t think of Star Wars films as comedies, and yet it is the humor that gives them a certain warmth unlike other space operas. However, sometimes it takes a fan to show you just how much humor is ‘hidden’ in the films. For instance, similar to those bad lip…

  • Walt Disney World files permits to build Nuclear Power Plant

    When Walt Disney originally planned his Florida project, the goal was to incorporate a city along with the amusement parks and create some special rules that would allow the Experimental Prototype City of Tomorrow to do some things that normal cities wouldn’t do. To accomplish this, Disney negotiated a special…

  • How “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” should have ended

    I’ve been waiting for this. It’s “How it should have ended” for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.” Spoilers: Obviously! But they’re humorous spoilers, so no worries. Don’t forget to stick around for the post-credit sequences: That was surprisingly good. Some painfully obvious plot choices that would have made The Force…

  • Kylo Ren on Undercover Boss

    If you missed last night’s Saturday Night Live you missed a fabulous skit parodying the Fox series Undercover Boss. In it Kylo Ren (Adam Driver) goes undercover as Matt, a radar technician, at Starkiller base as he tried to get to know his workers better. Hilarity ensues, of course: Love…

  • Walt’s Frozen Head movie trailer

    About a year about The Disney Blog’s twitter account was followed by a parody twitter account named @WaltsFrzenHead. I thought it was a clever joke on the urban legend that Walt Disney had his body cryogenicly preserved. We know it’s not true, his ashes are entombed in Glenda, CA, but…

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