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  • Disney’s Hollywood Studios update
    Disney’s Hollywood Studios update

    We went to Disney’s Hollywood Studios on Saturday. If you hadn’t heard things are changing a bit around there. Until recently DHS was Disney World’s unloved stepchild. Always looked over when new projects came its way. What else explains all the Pixar based rides going into Tomorrowland at the Magic…

  • American Idol Experience Attraction Tour
    American Idol Experience Attraction Tour

    The marquee. The American Idol Experience Attraction is currently in cast member previews at Disney’s Hollywood Studios and no photos are allowed. That means it’s very difficult to get pictures of the theater and set design. I hear the design looks just like the real thing from the popular TV…

  • American Idol Experience Details
    American Idol Experience Details

    A little bird told me that the American Idol Experience was open to cast members for preview shows today. Comments so far are good to great. Additionally, there is a chance (a small chance) that AIE will be open for a soft-opening this weekend. I’m also hearing it may not…

  • Gene Kelly on Walt Disney
    Gene Kelly on Walt Disney

    Ryan over at Main Street Gazette finally added “Singin’ In The Rain” to his Great Movie Ride marathon DVD collection. Believe it or not, he had never seen the movie before. Myself, I like Gene Kelly and am a fan of “Singin’” in both the movie and stage musical format….

  • Pixar’s WALL-E, what are your plans?
    Pixar’s WALL-E, what are your plans?

    Photo: A new sign for the still under construction “Pixar Place” of Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Note the iconic use of Luxo, Jr., The desk lamp that Pixar uses in its logo. I was at Disney’s Hollywood Studios today and spent quite a bit of time on Pixar Place. Pixar Place…

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