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Henson Studios Working on New Film Where Humans and Puppets Co-Exist

When Disney bought the rights to “The Muppets” in 2004, they not only bought all the characters, but the name itself. That leaves Henson Studios in an odd position. They invented muppets, but can no longer use them in film. … Continue reading

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Video of Big Bird Singing at Jim Henson’s Funeral

I forget what I was doing in May of 1990. I know I was in college and probably pretty self-absorbed. But whatever it was, the death of Jim Henson didn’t make it on my radar until many months later. It … Continue reading

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Studio DC: The Muppets Return

Studio DC Live episode 2! means more Muppets on The Disney Channel. Are you looking forward to more episodes?

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New Skits from The Muppets

As you may know, The Muppets are revving up again. There’s a new feature film on the horizon and talk of a primetime television show returning as well. Recently a few new videos have been put up on youtube and … Continue reading

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Kermit Love “Big Bird” Creator dead at 91

Kermit Love was much more than the creator of Big Bird, he was a master craftsman, costumer and artist. He helped create many of the characters you love from “Sesame Street”  Love, btw, maintained that his friend Jim Henson did … Continue reading

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