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Disney Previews New Interactive Queue for Orlando’s Haunted Mansion

I’ve been holding off on posting about the new Haunted Mansion interactive queue hoping I could get over there and see it in person. Unfortunately, I’ve been under the weather lately, so visiting the Magic Kingdom isn’t an option. So … Continue reading

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Work begins to expand Peter Pan queue at Magic Kingdom

The above is a beautiful sight that millions of visitors have seen at the Magic Kingdom. At first it was home to the Fantasyland station of the Skyway. But since that closed it has just sat there used mostly for … Continue reading

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Big Changes coming to Disney World’s Haunted Mansion

We’ve known for some time that an interactive queue is coming to the Haunted Mansion, we even knew that Imagineers were playing around with replacing the Hitchhiking Ghosts with digital projections, but now we have video evidence of what those … Continue reading

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Disneyland Update – A Quickie

Update: Some new photos of the Mark Twain under rehab below the jump. Thanks to Agent P P we have a short update from Disneyland to share with you today. It’s very quick, so hang onto those hats and glasses. … Continue reading

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Super Haunted Mansion blog dives deep into attractions origins

Okay, so you consider yourself a fan of the Haunted Mansion, perhaps even a super fan. I guarantee you, there is stuff on the “Long Forgotten” blog that you don’t know. Take for instance, this piece about how the Haunted … Continue reading

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