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  • Reading, Riding, Roundup
    Reading, Riding, Roundup

    If you were unable to make it to the Magic Kingdom for 4th of July Fireworks, LaughingPlace.com has your back. Check out this view from inside the park and this one from the beach of the Polynesian. I was thinking a bit about the forecast closure of the Adventurer’s Club…

  • Father’s Day Disney Links
    Father’s Day Disney Links

    It’s Father’s Day and I should be on the beach sipping a cool one, but instead I’m at home waiting to go to the movie. We’re seeing that animated ursine put out by the other studio. So, before I go, here are a few quick links for some fun Sunday…

  • The Coming 3D Movie Wave
    The Coming 3D Movie Wave

    Chicken Little, Nightmare Before Chrismas, and Meet The Robinsons were all released on Disney Digital 3D. But it took Hannah Montana to propel the technology to new heights and set Box Office records while doing it. Fortune magazine looks at the craze, the competing technologies, and why audiences should expect…

  • Miley Cyrus changes her name to Miley Cyrus
    Miley Cyrus changes her name to Miley Cyrus

    Every true fan of Miley Cyrus (aka Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel of the same name) was born Destiny Hope Cyrus. But the name Miley Cyrus is her professional name. It comes from the nick name of Smiley Miley assigned by her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, as a baby….

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