• Major Disney Announcement at Comic-Con
    Major Disney Announcement at Comic-Con

    But it’s not what you’re thinking. Comingsoon, and a number of bloggers at the con, report that Disney unveiled the trailer for Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Universe just before the board promoting Brad Bird and Pixar’s new film, The Incredibles.

  • Bastille Day
    Bastille Day

    Happy Bastille Day to the folks at Paris Disneyland. May their independence day be full of celebration and joy. When I want news or good pictures of Paris Disneyland one of the first places I visit is The Unofficial Internet Guidebook, the most comprehensive site on the net when it…

  • The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Disney
    The Hitchhiker’s Guide to Disney

    Page 42 – No, not the answer to your question, but instead a marvelous site that is reproducing many paper cutout projects from old German Disney Comics. With the growing return of the Papercraft hobby it wouldn’t suprise me to see Disney release new versions of these old classics.

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