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  • Revenge 1.2: Trust
    Revenge 1.2: Trust

    Editor: Please welcome back guest author Estelle with a review of ABC’s Revenge. Beware of the spoiler. (Unless you are like me and can’t help yourself.) Like Billy Joel says, it’s a matter of trust. And Emily doesn’t have a lot of it. Who can blame her? The second episode…

  • Castle – Season 4, Episode 1: Rise
    Castle – Season 4, Episode 1: Rise

    Editor: Please welcome new guest author Jenny who will be recapping Castle episodes this season. I’m sure you’ll agree, there’s no mystery, Jenny’s a great addition to the team. Finally! It’s finally here! The Castle Season 4 premiere. We left off last season with Captain Montgomery’s final stand, Detective Beckett…

  • ABC 2011 Fall Lineup Released
    ABC 2011 Fall Lineup Released

    ABC has just released their new Fall schedule. Several shows including Cougar Town, The River, Good Christian Belles, Work It, Missing, The Bachelor, Scandal, Secret Millionaire, and more will be mid-season shows. But so far this looks like a pretty strong lineup. (Note: Links lead to Facebook pages (Join TheDisneyBlog’s)…

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