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  • Grumpy Cat Spoils Every Disney Movie
    Grumpy Cat Spoils Every Disney Movie

    Grumpy Cat, queen of the internet memes, has been frequently used as part of the Disney Parks #DisneySide promotions and helped open Seven Dwarfs Mine Train. There are even rumors that she has her claws sunk into a Hollywood script. Before Hollywood comes calling, perhaps they want to look at…

  • Disney Side Parody: The Wrong #DisneySide
    Disney Side Parody: The Wrong #DisneySide

    You may recall the awesome #DisneySide videos and other social media experiences that I shared last week, and if you don’t then go check them out because GRUMPY CAT. Basically, the new Disney campaign asks people to show their Disney Side, and then the awesome and the magic; however, not…

  • What’s Your Disney Side?
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    Disney Parks kicked off a new campaign this week asking for people (and a few animals) to share their Disney Side—that’s your magic, your wonder. Disney invited a bunch of “Social Media All-Stars” to the Disneyland Resort in order to launch #DisneySide (see how it just got all social media…

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