• Glen Keane – Duet
    Glen Keane – Duet

    Google gave former Disney animator Glen Keane access to its Advanced Technology and Projects team and he created this stunning hand-drawn animated short: Google promises to bring interactive animation to its Android mobile phone OS. Later this year you’ll be able to experience Duet on your compatible Android device and…

  • Bring to Walt Disney World: Google Cars
    Bring to Walt Disney World: Google Cars

    I’ve been a proponent of Google’s self-driving cars since I first heard about them 5 years ago. Like the folks at Google, I see a much safer and environmentally friendly future where cars are just a service you subscribe to and use on-demand. Google has learned a tremendous amount about…

  • Join The Disney Blog Community
    Join The Disney Blog Community

    This blog was founded before the days of YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook. In fact, the first “social media” account it had was on MySpace. We may have been late comers to some channels, but have grown to love the communities of fans that have grown up around each. If you’re…

  • Monsters University Director Appears at Google
    Monsters University Director Appears at Google

    Google has a long running series where they bring in important authors and artists for a lunch length talk about their latest projects. Two of Pixar’s brightest stars — Director Dan Scanlon and Producer Kori Rae — took the short drive from Emeryville to the GooglePlex to share their work…

  • 3D Disneyland Paris Flyover Courtesy Google Earth

    Quick question. Does anyone still use Google Earth for anything other than school lessons? Short of augmented or virtual reality, which are still not quite ready for primetime, I can’t think of any practical application. But I can appreciate the beauty of the technology. There are few places more beautiful…

  • The Odd Life of Timothy Green meets Google
    The Odd Life of Timothy Green meets Google

    In my day job I’m involved in Social Media marketing and to keep myself up to date on what’s going on in my industry, I often rely on the great series of talks hosted by Google and placed on Youtube. This week, in the ‘Artists at Google’ series, they’re hosting…

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