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Test Your Disney Parks Smarts with this Disneyland Paris Photo Quiz!

At Disneyland Paris (DLP), many attractions are similar to those at Disney’s U.S. parks, but with a “French twist.” Look at the DLP photos below and guess what the equivalent attraction is at Disneyland in California. Answers are at the … Continue reading

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All the Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom Cards, including variants

I admit that I have a new obsession at the Magic Kingdom. It’s the interactive card based game called Sorcerers of the Magic Kingdom and I can’t stop myself from playing it. One day we’ll play my son’s cards and … Continue reading

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Disney Fantasy – Enchanted Art

Enchanted art is the logical progression of those little digital frames you send your grand parents stuffed with pictures of their grand children. Some people liken it to the moving photos in Harry Potter films, but it’s really more magical … Continue reading

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Club Penguin Spreads to iOS devices with first game

It’s been a while since we checked in with Club Penguin, Disney’s $350 million acquisition aimed at youth around the world. While staying mostly out of the headlines, ClubPenguin.com has continued chugging along with a new group of kids signing … Continue reading

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Kinect Disneyland Adventures revealed at E3 2011

Kinect Disneyland Adventures (pre-order on Amazon now) was announced at E3, a popular computer and video game trade show. The premise of the game is that players can roam around Walt’s original park in an effort to ride various rides … Continue reading

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