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G-Force a Disney DVD Delight

If there is one thing Disney can be counted on it’s for releasing one or two solid films a year targeted to families. G-Force is Disney’s entry into that category this year. It’s a typical Jerry Bruckheimer movie with big … Continue reading

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G-Force DVD Trailer and Extras

If you missed Disney’s G-Force in theaters I can understand. It’s not exactly a film in the classic Disney mold. But it does have heart and a plot that actually drives a story line. Eventually you’ll get over the idea … Continue reading

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Are Pet Stores seeing a 101 Dalmatian Effect after G-Force?

Every time a dog movie comes out pet stores inevitably report that adoptions of that particular breed go up. Then a few months later they experience heavier than usual returns when families realize what a chore that breed is. In … Continue reading

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Disney’s G-Force Rolling in to Theaters and Search Engines?

Disney’s new film, G-Force rolls into movie theaters this weekend. If you’re like me and you’re wanting to learn more about this seemingly odd film, then Disney’s PR team has just the thing for you; the film will be the … Continue reading

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