• An Animation Rennaissance
    An Animation Rennaissance

    Ever since The Lion King broke box office records and won a plethora of awards, pundits have predicted the rebirth of America’s love with animation. Indeed where we had 1 major studio with an animation department (well 1.5 if you include Don Bluth Animation) we now have 3 (Disney, Dreamworks,…

  • What’s the fox’s name again?
    What’s the fox’s name again?

    For some reason I’m never able to remember the names of the characters in Disney’s The Fox and The Hound. It could be because I’ve only seen it once or twice. Well, Kayla’s obviously seen it more often than me cause she’s written a sweet post about the friendship of…

  • Disney and Pixar Pair Up Again!
    Disney and Pixar Pair Up Again!

    A few days ago the New York Post opined about the growing likelihood that Pixar would return to the Disney fold. After bailing on Disney, Pixar held preliminary discussions with other studios, including MGM, Sony, Warner Bros. and Fox. (Both Fox and The Post are owned by News Corp.) Now,…

  • Hey Man, a bird flew in yo window
    Hey Man, a bird flew in yo window

    Anyone who recognizes the Jeff Foxworthy joke above will know that Rumors and Innuendo run rampant when it comes to the latest and greatest at any themepark, but it goes twice for the Disney ones. Screamscape is one of the best sources for said rumors on the internet. In fact,…

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