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  • Disney Animator praises “Song of the South”
    Disney Animator praises “Song of the South”

    Former Disney animator Floyd Norman was just a boy when Walt Disney’s feature film “Song of the South” was released into the theaters. Norman has just written a powerful blog post about the film. While he doesn’t come right out and ask for Disney to release the film on DVD,…

  • Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo
    Morning Report – Wednesday Wackadoo

    Time to close some open tabs: Floyd Norman, venerable Disney animator has been regularly updating his blog again. Lots of great historical information there. For instance, did you know there was a studio jazz band even before Firehouse Five plus 2? Yep, the Huggajeddy 8. The second annual ConGaloosh is…

  • Floyd Norman has a blog
    Floyd Norman has a blog

    Legendary animator Floyd Norman has a blog (and a good website to boot). His post this weekend contrasts Walt Disney’s management style with the modern CEO. Walt Disney kept his visits short. Well aware his very presence might affect the work being done. He gave the set the once over,…

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