• McFarland New Posters and Clip
    McFarland New Posters and Clip

    We’re just one day away from the opening of “McFarland, USA” the first film of 2015 to really win your heart. Based on a true story of a Central Valley California town and a coach that sees potential in the legs, hearts and minds of the agricultural workers who are…

  • Cinderella Midnight Sneak Peek
    Cinderella Midnight Sneak Peek

    If you weren’t watching ABC last night as the ball dropped, then you missed the first real look at the upcoming classic Disney fairy-tale movie “Cinderella.” Don’t worry you weren’t late to the ball. We have it right here for you: So visually stunning and the costumes! Love it. I…

  • Countdown to Cinderella Preview at Midnight
    Countdown to Cinderella Preview at Midnight

    While you’re counting down to Midnight tonight, be sure to flip over to ABC to see a brand new sneak peek at Cinderella. The preview will air just before the clock strikes 12 tonight. See Disney’s Cinderella, featuring a new Frozen Short, “Frozen Fever,” in theaters March 13 Full plot…

  • New clip begins our journey Into The Woods
    New clip begins our journey Into The Woods

    The Stephen Sondheim musical “Into The Woods” takes familiar fairy tale characters and sends them into the woods where their stories get twisted and the ending isn’t always what’s expected. In the latest clip from the film, Lilla Crawford, who plays Little Red Riding Hood, sings “To Grandmother’s House” as…

  • McFarland Trailer
    McFarland Trailer

    Kevin Costner is a cross-country coach in the small economically depressed Central California town of McFarland. That’s the Hollywood one-line pitch, now here’s there trailer: Disney has done a pretty good job with its small budget, big heart ‘Brand Equity’ films and McFarland looks to follow in a similar vein….

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