• Epic Time-lapse video through Walt Disney World
    Disney Memories - Magic Kingdom at Twilight

    Anthony Cortese possesses an incredible love for Walt Disney World. He’s also a talented documentarian. He’s poured all that passion into this breathtaking time-lapse video through the extraordinary magic of Walt Disney World. He gives each park special treatment in this short film: I like how he frames most shots…

  • Disney’s The BFG releases big new trailer

    Coming to theaters right as summer gets into full swing ahead of the 4th of July weekend, the Steven Spielberg directed movie “The BFG” will no-doubt help Disney keep its box office numbers up in 2016. If you’re seeing “Finding Dory” this weekend, you’ll see a new trailer for “The…

  • New trailer and poster for Pete’s Dragon from Disney

    Some secrets are too big to keep. But Disney did eventually have to show us a bit more of Pete’s dragon, Elliot. That’s what you’ll find in the new trailer for Disney’s “Pete’s Dragon,” along with some other great footage that makes this film seem like much more than just…

  • Beauty and the Beast Live Action Trailer released

    Love them or hate them, The Walt Disney Studios is committed to remaking its animated fairytale classics as live-action movies. They make a lot of money for the Mouse House and help introduce new audiences (young and foreign) to Disney’s most classic stories. The next film in that trend is…

  • First trailer for “The Light Between Oceans”

    Okay. I didn’t realize it, but Disney’s distribution contact for Dreamworks Pictures has at least one more movie to release. Check out the trailer for “The Light Between Oceans,” a heart-breaking drama about fate, love, moral dilemmas and the lengths to which one couple will go to see their dreams…

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