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Mickey Ears-Disney Podcast Review 3-12-10

Mousestation (iTunes) Episode #393 March 2, 2010 Collected Short Subjects-In the Honey I Shrunk the Audience attraction, do they try to ‘push’ the startle moments that take away from the overall attraction? How does ‘the Imagination institute’ tie in to … Continue reading

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Mickey Ears – Disney Podcast Review

The Disney Dudes Podcast (iTunes) #4-Wayne continues to report on his Christmas time solo trip. And I gotta say, “People, stop being so rude to Wayne!” He encounters a lady who runs him over, lies to him, but he still … Continue reading

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LOST Fan Fun: Terry O’Quinn is Locke

Check out this clever fan creation. A LOST themed poster from Olly Moss on sale here. This appears to part of a project from show producer Damon Carlton. There will be 16 artist creations. Less than 200 of each are … Continue reading

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The Disney Blog guests on WDW Today Podcast

Yesterday I was honored to be a guest on the WDW Today podcast. It’s the middle of August and Summer is drawing to an unofficial close as kids head back to school so we discussed, what else, the biggest news … Continue reading

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Disney vastly expands Comic-Con presence

In these economic hard times, Disney is returning to their base — the fans. Outside of cyberspace, the number one place film fans congregate is Comic-Con each year in San Diego. So I’m not surprised to see Disney growing their … Continue reading

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