• Videopolis: Whistle Stop
    Videopolis: Whistle Stop

    I’m a big fan of Disney’s Robin Hood movie. Not only does it have two characters sharing my name (Little John / Prince John), but it came out in 1973, so it was probably the first animated film I saw in theaters (I would have been 4 yrs old). For…

  • Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer
    Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer

    This is not an official trailer for the much anticipated Disney film TRON: Legacy. It’s fan made. However, you can’t tell the difference and Disney even likes it so much that they’ve added it to the official TRON: Legacy Facebook page. Power to the fans! Congrats to Khameleon808 for the…

  • LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy
    LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy

    What’s not to love about the LEGO figure of Quorra from TRON: Legacy. It took over 50 bricks just to build the head for this model. More views via Flickr user: Ochre Jelly. This movie’s not even out yet and it’s generating a ton of great fan art. Buy TRON…

  • Fan Made Quorra TRON: Legacy Costume
    Fan Made Quorra TRON: Legacy Costume

    TRON: Legacy hasn’t hit theatres yet and already it’s inspiring some amazing fan creations. Check out this Halloween costume from fashion and technology mash-up artist Syuzi Pakhchyan. More photos at her blog.

  • The Relocated Tourist
    The Relocated Tourist

    To make sure I have a good feel for the state of the Disney fan community, I have a list of Disney blogs that I follow. Most of these are newsy type blogs or focused on some sort of sub-specialty. But there are also the blogs that are just people…

  • Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-26-10
    Mickey Heads-Disney Podcast Review 5-26-10

    Celebrating the new book Knott’s Preserved, an unbelievable California Adventures By Disney tour and an interview with Kelsey Grammer underscore these 12.5 hours of Disney podcasts. (Download your favorite Disney Podcasts on iTunes.) The Season Pass Episode #124 Preserved Part 1 Live from Knottā€™s Berry Farm, our crew has put…

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