• Steampunk Disney Princesses
    Steampunk Disney Princesses

    Steampunk Belle I love Steampunk and I really love Disney, so when Karen Hallion combined the two into a series of portraits she had my full attention. Hallion plan’s on doing a series of 12 Steampunk Disney girls, then move on to a series of Steampunk Villians. She tells me…

  • Videopolis: Whistle Stop
    Videopolis: Whistle Stop

    I’m a big fan of Disney’s Robin Hood movie. Not only does it have two characters sharing my name (Little John / Prince John), but it came out in 1973, so it was probably the first animated film I saw in theaters (I would have been 4 yrs old). For…

  • Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer
    Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer

    This is not an official trailer for the much anticipated Disney film TRON: Legacy. It’s fan made. However, you can’t tell the difference and Disney even likes it so much that they’ve added it to the official TRON: Legacy Facebook page. Power to the fans! Congrats to Khameleon808 for the…

  • LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy
    LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy

    What’s not to love about the LEGO figure of Quorra from TRON: Legacy. It took over 50 bricks just to build the head for this model. More views via Flickr user: Ochre Jelly. This movie’s not even out yet and it’s generating a ton of great fan art. Buy TRON…

  • Fan Made Quorra TRON: Legacy Costume
    Fan Made Quorra TRON: Legacy Costume

    TRON: Legacy hasn’t hit theatres yet and already it’s inspiring some amazing fan creations. Check out this Halloween costume from fashion and technology mash-up artist Syuzi Pakhchyan. More photos at her blog.

  • The Relocated Tourist
    The Relocated Tourist

    To make sure I have a good feel for the state of the Disney fan community, I have a list of Disney blogs that I follow. Most of these are newsy type blogs or focused on some sort of sub-specialty. But there are also the blogs that are just people…

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