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  • Videopolis: A Goofy Movie in Real Life

    There’s something about Disney animation’s “A Goofy Movie” that keeps attracting new fans and inspiring old ones. Take today’s Videopolis for instance. It’s a fantastic recreation of the anthem “Stand Out,” right down to the Principal’s speech. I think they did a fantastic job, but you can check it out…

  • Disneyland Timelapse Photography
    Disneyland Timelapse Photography

    Andrew Franz took a trip to the happiest place on Earth recently, and captured the beauty of Disneyland at night via Timelapse photography. Since the visit was around Christmas time there is that extra bit of magic too: Previously: Timelapse Videos of Christmas at Disneyland.

  • The EPCOT Song
    The EPCOT Song

    There are rare moments in human history when you must pause and marvel at the amazing things humanity can create. For many Disney Fans, the ideals, dreams, and hard facts behind EPCOT Center represents the peak, the pinnacle, dare we say, the zenith of human achievement. So it only seems…

  • Make your own TRON: Legacy inspired clothing or bag
    Make your own TRON: Legacy inspired clothing or bag

    The team at Craft magazine has put together a great video tutorial that will teach you how to make your own TRON: Legacy inspired clothing or laptop bag. If you have just a little experience with soldering equipment and access to some of the materials required, you could be sporting…

  • Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer
    Fan Made: TRON: Legacy Trailer

    This is not an official trailer for the much anticipated Disney film TRON: Legacy. It’s fan made. However, you can’t tell the difference and Disney even likes it so much that they’ve added it to the official TRON: Legacy Facebook page. Power to the fans! Congrats to Khameleon808 for the…

  • LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy
    LEGO Quorra from TRON: Legacy

    What’s not to love about the LEGO figure of Quorra from TRON: Legacy. It took over 50 bricks just to build the head for this model. More views via Flickr user: Ochre Jelly. This movie’s not even out yet and it’s generating a ton of great fan art. Buy TRON…

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