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Once Upon a Time 3-20 Preview: Kansas

Last week, we saw lots of action. We found out who cast the curse this time (Snow!) and we found out that, in addition to everything else, Snow and Charming are now sharing a heart. Then, Henry got his memories … Continue reading

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Free Online Course on Meaning of Disney’s Fairytales

Disney author Kevin Yee is about to make you an offer you can’t refuse. He’s offering a free online course that will look at fairy tales, their history and Disney’s adaptions. Among the topics to be covered in the class … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time 2-19: Lacey

We are counting down to the season finale. After tonight, that’s three episodes in a row, including the finale. And we’ve been promised answers before the end of the season for some of the biggest questions haunting us. We didn’t … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time 2-16: The Miller’s Daughter

Based on the previews for last night’s episode, I was expecting something cataclysmic. Now I won’t say the episode last night wasn’t big and that it won’t have major consequences down the road. But it just wasn’t what I expected. … Continue reading

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Once Upon a Time 2-12: In the Name of the Brother

Oh, we’ve got trouble, right here in Storybrooke. And I think the schedulers at ABC have been taking lessons from Cora and Regina. Yes, tonight was a good episode. It set some nice balls in motion while being very entertaining. … Continue reading

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