• Oil Company renames itself Pixar
    Oil Company renames itself Pixar

    After reading a strange press release found by Big Screen Animation blog, I had to double-check the calendar to make sure it wasn’t already April Fools day. A Canadian oil company has renamed itself after Pixar Animation Studios, perhaps in hopes of capitalizing on the success and goodwill of the…

  • Pixar Director Using Tumblr to Chronicle New Production
    Pixar Director Using Tumblr to Chronicle New Production

    If you want to see how the proverbial Pixarian sausage is made, you’ll have your chance with a new tumblr blog from Pixar director Lee Unkrich. The Toy Story 3 director recently tweeted about a big meeting and then announced a new endeavor, the start of production on a new,…

  • Cars 2 Official Trailer
    Cars 2 Official Trailer

    Check it out! After having not heard much about the sequel to Pixar’s Cars, I have to say I’m pleasantly surprised with what they’ve created for Cars 2. How about you?

  • Pixar Motorama 2010 Edition
    Pixar Motorama 2010 Edition

    July 9th was the 10th Annual Pixar Motarama. Its a giant car show right on the Pixar Studios lot where employees invite in some amazing cars, show off their own special vehicles, and share their love of the automobile with each other. This video features an interview with John Lasseter,…

  • Pixar Motorama
    Pixar Motorama

    Originally uploaded by jon sarriugarte Every year Pixar Studios invites friends and family to come to the studio and show off their rare and collectible vehicles at the Motorama. Turns out many of the company’s employees (including John Lasseter) share a love of cars. This rare Tatra v8 is one…

  • UP from Pixar – now with fully operation website
    UP from Pixar – now with fully operation website

    With May 29th right around the corner, it’s time to turn up the dial on news from the next film from Pixar Studios – UP. The official website for UP has just been greatly expanded. There are games, “UPisodes”, TV spots, trailers, image galleries, and a fun section devoted to…

  • Pixar releases second trailer for “Up”
    Pixar releases second trailer for “Up”

    Disney/Pixar has released the secondĀ  trailer for the May 29 2009 movie “Up”. It’s available at Apple.com’s trailer site and here. It’s so hard to tell much about how good the movie will be from trailers like this. But you can tell that the rich detail, fun characterizations, and out…

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