• How Pixar’s Animation evolved over the last 30 years

    With Finding Dory already looking like another solid hit, perhaps even a mega-hit, for Pixar, it’s a good time to reflect back at how far Pixar has come in terms of its animation technique and skill. In 30+ years, the technology has changed a lot allowing Pixar to do so…

  • John Lasseter remembers the first 30 years of Pixar

    Aside from stealing my wardrobe of Disney Hawaiian shirts (or did I steal his), John Lasseter, Walt Disney Animation and Pixar Studios Chief Creative Officer, is a force in animation with ties back to the original animators who worked under Walt Disney himself. Although he had to leave Disney to…

  • Video tour of Pixar Animation Studios campus

    Keith Lapinig, or as I like to call him “last week’s Luckiest guy on the planet,” had a special weekend tour of the Pixar Animation studio campus up in Emeryville, CA. Thanks to Keith’s tour, you get a really good feel to the size of the studio (it’s bigger than…

  • Meet the cast from Pixar’s Inside Out
    Meet the cast from Pixar’s Inside Out

    Meet the cast from Pixar’s Inside Out: Amy Poehler as Joy, Bill Hader as Fear, Mindy Kaling as Disgust, Phyllis Smith as Sadness, and Lewis Black as Anger. Amy Poehler comes from a improvisational comedy background and is known for her work on Saturday Night Live and Parks and Recreation….

  • Disney Animation and Pixar Get New Presidents
    Disney Animation and Pixar Get New Presidents

    In a move meant to solidify the recent success of both studios, Ed Catmull, President, Walt Disney and Pixar Animation Studios, announced today that Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Andrew Millstein and Pixar Animation Studios’ Jim Morris have been promoted to President of their respective units. “We’re fortunate and proud to…

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