• What I learned from Zootopia’s bonus features

    Like many other Disney fans this week, I spent some time poring over the Zootopia bonus features. My kids and I love DVD extras—the behind the scenes look at movie-making, the stories behind the story that makes it to the screen. It’s always fascinating to watch the creative process of…

  • Deleted characters and more from Zootopia DVD bonus features

    Today’s the day that Disney’s billion dollar hit Zootopia is available to purchase. If you’ve fallen in love with the wonderfully innovative mammal metropolis of Zootopia and the comedic chemistry of rookie rabbit officer Judy Hopps (Ginnifer Goodwin) and scam-artist fox Nick Wilde (Jason Bateman) then have we got a…

  • Zootopia passes $1 Billion at Box Office

    A big congratulations to the team at Walt Disney Animation Studios for reaching a major milestone with Zootopia. It just surpassed $1 Billion at the global box office, just days before it comes out on Blu-Ray/DVD too. In its 17th weekend in release it has grossed $337.2 Million domestically and…

  • Zootopia now available for pre-order on Blu-ray, DVD, & Digital

    The original comedy-adventure, “Zootopia” has been a hit for Walt Disney Animation breaking records worldwide and earning more than $900 million at the global box office to date. The best reviewed movie of 2016, critics and audiences around the world have fallen in love with the wonderfully innovative animal metropolis…

  • Review: The Good Dinosaur Blu-ray DVD from Pixar

    On a planet where dinosaurs evolved un-threatened by that nasty life-ending asteroid, two unlikely pals find their way to a new life through wild country and against unexpected adversaries. Can Arlo and Spot survive to make their way home? That’s the story of Pixar’s latest animated feature – The Good…

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