• Revenge 1.16: Scandal!
    Revenge 1.16: Scandal!

    Editor: The tardiness of this post is my fault, not Estelle’s. After last week’s fast-paced engagement/murder party and the fact that we have a whole month of March without any new episodes, I decided to switch things up a bit this week… Ten things that happened on this week’s Revenge:…

  • The River: Season 1, Episode 1 – Magus
    The River: Season 1, Episode 1 – Magus

    Editor’s Note: Please welcome Melissa Sue Sorrells Galley who will be reviewing ABC’s thrilling new drama The River. The River is a found-footage style genre mashup of science fiction, horror, drama and suspense, and its first hour is just as complicated as that description sounds. It moves quickly—too quickly. But…

  • Revenge 12: Infamy
    Revenge 12: Infamy

    Revenge’s corner of the Hamptons is a bit quieter since Tyler was forced out last week. In fact, my husband usually measures how crazy the show is by the amount of yelping I do in the next room, and Wednesday night, I was pretty much quiet (yet silently stressing while…

  • Revenge – Episode 10 – A few things….
    Revenge – Episode 10 – A few things….

    Editor: Estelle is back with another amazing recap of ABC’s Revenge. I apologize for the tardiness of her post. It’s 100% my fault. A few announcements before we begin: Victoria debuts a few new hair styles. It’s still summer in the Hamptons. These characters reign as “Best Dressed” on TV….

  • Episode 1.8: Treachery
    Episode 1.8: Treachery

    Spoilers! For some reason I didn’t enjoy this episode as much as I have the others. The glaring looks and the dramatic orchestrations were just getting on my nerves. I also kept wondering how I was going to write about two people who have switched identities without confusing people. Revenge…

  • Revenge – Episode 1.7: Charade
    Revenge – Episode 1.7: Charade

    Spoilers, spoilers, spoilers. I wouldn’t say the celebration of Victoria and Conrad’s 25th wedding anniversary was anything to call home about. Yet again, Revenge was a total trip this week. Right away, we have a New York Times reporter interviewing Victoria and Conrad about their successful (barf) marriage. (Since when…

  • Revenge 1.5: Guilt
    Revenge 1.5: Guilt

    Editors Note: If you haven’t been watching ABC’s newest hit show Revenge, why not give it a try. Estelle catches you up with the events of the latest show and brings you up to speed so you can join in next week. Spoilers with a capital S. You know that…

  • Pan Am: ABC’s Latest Hope To Soar – Episode 1
    Pan Am: ABC’s Latest Hope To Soar – Episode 1

    Pan Am has drawn comparisons to several fan favorite shows. After Sunday night’s premiere, I like to think of it as a slick hybrid of Desperate Housewives’ drama and Mad Men retro-style. Being a Pan Am stewardess is no easy task. As we come to find out, Pan Am’s stewardesses…

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