• “Quantico” Review

    Title: Quantico Set-Up: A new crew of FBI recruits head to Quantico, one of the most difficult FBI training academies in America. The new gang have to deal with the pressures of being the best they can be and outshining the others, all without going nuts. Fast forwarding a bit,…

  • “American Crime” Review
    “American Crime” Review

    American Crime, the new drama toted to be created by John Ridley, the Oscar winning screenwriter of 12 Years A Slave, is a bold and highly rewarding step for ABC original programming. Filmed in a breathtakingly new and provocative style for the network, the show revolves around the murder of Matt Skokie, the…

  • “Secrets and Lies” Review
    “Secrets and Lies” Review

    Secrets and Lies, or “Juliette Lewis Stares,” as I call it, is a new ABC limited series premiering this Sunday. Starring Ryan Phillippe as Ben Crawford, it follows as he goes on a morning run to find a local boy dead in the woods. What follows is a whirlwind or…

  • ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Resurrection”
    ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Resurrection”

    Wow. Just, wow. This show blew me away. Resurrection is the story of Jacob, a young boy who wakes up in the middle of a rural area in China. Why is this weird, you ask? Jacob has been dead since the 1970’s in Aracadia, Missouri, after drowning in a local…

  • ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Mind Games”
    ABC Mid-Season Preview: “Mind Games”

    Now for the semi-ugly. Mind Games, starring Christian Slater, is Inception, meets Fox’s Touch. It takes us into the Edwards brothers’ firm, who specialize in changing fate. By that, I mean they use the power of influence to change people’s opinions and decisions on different topics in favor of their…

  • Watch Premiere Episode of Last Resort Online
    Watch Premiere Episode of Last Resort Online

    Yesterday Facebook fans of ABC’s new drama Last Resort were the first to be given the chance to watch the show’s premiere episode – Captain. Five hundred feet beneath the ocean’s surface, the crew of the Ohio-class ballistic missile submarine “USS Colorado” – the most powerful nuclear submarine ever built…

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