• Disney’s Tomorrowland World Premier at Disneyland
    The World Premiere Of Disney's "Tomorrowland" At Disneyland, Anaheim, CA - After Party

    It was a big weekend at Disneyland. The Hatbox Ghost re-apparated, the Tinker Bell Half-Marathon was held, and the stars came out for the world premiere of Disney’s Tomorrowland. Here are a few select photos that show the spirit of the event held at Downtown Disney. (L-R) Mia Alamuddin (Amal…

  • Disneyland’s New Enchanted Main Street Windows

    Since the early 1960’s window shopping at Disneyland’s Emporium on Main Street USA has been made extra magical by the animated feature themed dioramas in the windows. The park will be upgrading those displays with special animated ‘enchanted’ displays for the park’s 60th anniversary. The six displays being added feature…

  • Disney VoluntEARS and KaBOOM! transform Anaheim Playground

    Disneyland’s cast member VoluntEARS made a huge impact at west Anaheim’s Twila Reid Park yesterday. As part of the Disneyland Resort’s 60th anniversary, more than 700 volunteers transformed the 27-acre park, building a new KaBOOM! playground for neighborhood kids to enjoy. This is the largest ever project for KaBOOM and…

  • Disneyland buys A Harbor Blvd Hotel

    Big real estate news in the Anaheim Resort District today. Disneyland has made a strategic move to buy the Carousel Inn, a hotel that sits directly across Harbor Blvd from the theme park. The purchase price was $32 million. “The Walt Disney Co. saw this as a strategic investment, as…

  • The business behind Disney’s MyMagic+ MagicBands
    MyMagic+ Takes the Guest Experience to a New Level with MagicBands

    A long deep dive into the business behind Disney’s multi-billion dollar MyMagic+ project by Austin Carr has been published by Fast Company. It’s a well written piece with a lot of sources and some “in the room” insights about the project that I’ve never heard before. This new information has…

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