• Disneyland adds Star Wars Elongated Coins

    Pressed coin enthusiasts will soon feel the force at Disneyland as the park has added six new Star Wars inspired elongated coins in the park. Look for them inside the Star Trader store in Tomorrowland. These are all pressed-quarters. One light side of the force you’ll find Rey, Chewbacca, and…

  • Disneyland to build new luxury hotel

    Papers have been filed in Orange County, CA to start work on a new 700-room luxury hotel at the Disneyland Resort. The Orange County Register was the first to report that the hotel will be situated on 10 acres where the Downtown Disney short term parking lot currently exists. The…

  • Disneyland gives half-million to Anaheim to plus public parks

    While some may complain that Disneyland, with its fireworks and heavy traffic, isn’t a real community player in Anaheim. But when you consider the taxes they generate and the donations they make to local non-profits and schools, there’s little doubt to the company’s commitment. Then you throw in the hours…

  • IDW Celebrates Disneyland 60th with Magic Kingdom Comic

    Disney has a rich history with comics, and I don’t just mean Marvel. For example, did you know that Scrooge McDuck originated in the pages of the Donald Duck comics? Along with original stories, Disney would put out stories that tied in with the latest movie release and even the…

  • Johnny Depp as Mad Hatter surprises guests at Disneyland

    From somewhere in Wonderland, Johnny Depp brought a little surprise madness to some unsuspecting fans at Disneyland. Via the magic of an interactive display and a camera originating from a studio set somewhere, guests wandering through Disneyland’s esplanade encountered what looked like a movie poster for Disney’s Alice Through The…

  • House of Blues at Disneyland closing date announced

    When Disneyland opened its Downtown Disney shopping and entertainment district it was a bit of a controversial move to include a House of Blues restaurant and concert venue. The types of acts that could be booked there were limited (Disney could veto if they weren’t family friendly enough) and the…

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