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Original 1955 Disneyland Railroad Cars Reunited in San Luis Obispo

The Disney History Institute is out with their first documentary and it will make Disneyland Railroad fans weep. The first part of the video reveals 1955 Disneyland in gorgeous full color and includes a trip around the park on the … Continue reading

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Tony Baxter relays the untold history of Star Tours, the original

Tony Baxter, Senior VP Creative Development for Walt Disney Imagineering, recently chatted with the ForceCast, one of the more respected Star Wars fan podcasts, about Star Tours. They discussed the new version a bit, but Baxter was really excited to … Continue reading

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The life of a Disneyland Mermaid

Matt, who also writes an excellent blog cataloging Vintage Alice in Wonderland merchandise, has a new post that details the life of a Disneyland Mermaid for the summer of 1966. After surviving an audition where Edie, our erstwhile Mermaid, had … Continue reading

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Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – Rare Photos of 1962 Construction

If you’re a Disney theme park fan born after a certain date, there are certain things at the park that for you were always just there, even though in reality they were later additions to the park. When you realize … Continue reading

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The Secret Tour of Disneyland – DVD Review

The Secret Tour of Disneyland is a fan produced tour of Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom that’s chock full of fun, facts, and trivia about the park. The DVD production and script approaches Travel Channel quality and the host Lauren Delmont … Continue reading

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