• D23 Announces Fall Events
    D23 Announces Fall Events

    With D23 launching its first Expo tomorrow it seems like an odd time for the club to be looking forward. But for all the members who can’t make it to Anaheim for the event, perhaps you’ll find something in your area you can attend later this year. October 7 –…

  • NFFC to become Disneyana Fan Club
    NFFC to become Disneyana Fan Club

    The largest unofficial Disney fan club in the US has voted to change its name from “NFFC The Club for Disneyana Enthusiasts” to the “Disneyana Fan Club”. While there was some passionate debate about the name change among the groups membership, the final vote was 166 for and only 54…

  • NFFC Summer Convention Preview
    NFFC Summer Convention Preview

    Although an ‘official’ Disney fan organization has recently come on the scene there are still plenty of good reasons to get involved with the NFFC, the Disneyana Fan Club. For example, there are plenty of things you can say or do at a fan organized convention that you just can’t…

  • Weekly Podcast Review – NETCOT
    Weekly Podcast Review – NETCOT

    Ed: I’d like to welcome back the podcast review feature to The Disney Blog. Daniel Ross, aka @dross6 on Twitter, is the new guest reviewer. Welcome to the Weekly Podcast Review (name pending)! I’ll focus on a different Disney podcast each week. This week, we’ll take a look at the…

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