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Disney Tattoo Guy Selling Collection

Say it ain’t so George! According to a story in the Philadelphia Inquirer George Reiger, known to Disney fans everywhere as the Disney Tattoo Guy, is selling his 5,000 piece collection of Disneyana for a new love. Some items in … Continue reading

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No D23 Expo? Try the Disneyana Fan Club Convention

Did you have a great time at last year’s D23 Expo, you’ll have to wait at least another year for that to return. But you do have the opportunity to enjoy a Disney Fan convention with many years of history … Continue reading

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EPCOT – the early early years

Actually, so early that the park was still just barely on the drawing boards. Don’t miss the Progress City, USA post on the origins of EPCOT. EPCOT Center’s path from concept to execution was, in so many ways, far more … Continue reading

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Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse – Rare Photos of 1962 Construction

If you’re a Disney theme park fan born after a certain date, there are certain things at the park that for you were always just there, even though in reality they were later additions to the park. When you realize … Continue reading

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The Goofy Movie – Real Life Version

I suggest that Disney’s The Goofy Movie is one of the overlooked gems of Walt Disney’s animation pantheon. It was Kevin Lima’s coming out party as an Animation Director and largely a production of the short-lived French branch of Walt … Continue reading

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