• The Goofy Movie – Real Life Version
    The Goofy Movie – Real Life Version

    I suggest that Disney’s The Goofy Movie is one of the overlooked gems of Walt Disney’s animation pantheon. It was Kevin Lima’s coming out party as an Animation Director and largely a production of the short-lived French branch of Walt Disney Animation aka DisneyToon Studios. I’m not the film’s only…

  • Highlights of New Merchandise at WDW
    Highlights of New Merchandise at WDW

    Just wanted to quickly highlight some of the new merchandise that’s available at Walt Disney World these days. Haunted Mansion Action Figures! They’ve done something like this before, but these are more affordable. This new Pirates Mickey Ears actually looks like a dead mouse skull if you ask me. Not…

  • Disney Gallery returns to Disneyland
    Disney Gallery returns to Disneyland

    The Disney Gallery has returned to Disneyland. Reopening after a forced hiatus when the store evicted from its perch above New Orleans Square, Disneyland decided to re-incarnate the store in the old Bank of Main Street location in Town Square. That makes two Disney collectible stores on Main Street USA….

  • D23 Announces Fall Events
    D23 Announces Fall Events

    With D23 launching its first Expo tomorrow it seems like an odd time for the club to be looking forward. But for all the members who can’t make it to Anaheim for the event, perhaps you’ll find something in your area you can attend later this year. October 7 –…

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