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Muppets Release AMC Theater Policies Trailer Short

Whomever is masterminding the promotional efforts for Disney’s movie The Muppets should get a hefty bonus. Their latest entry is a short educational video that will run at AMC theaters. In it, the Muppets admirably display how you should NOT … Continue reading

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New Muppet Spoof Trailer

Here’s the latest spoof trailer for The Muppets. Can you guess the movie they’re spoofing? Figure it out? Answer is below the jump:

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Disney The Muppets Movie Gets New Poster and Nice “Standee” Image

Just when you thought things had settled down around news from Disney’s Muppets movie, more big items drop. That’s just the way marketing rolls with this movie. Today we get the official synopsis, a new movie poster, and a giant … Continue reading

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Sam The Eagle as Captain America

No video parody this time, but it’s not needed, this iconic image of Sam The Eagle as Captain America is a great promotion for both Marvel and the Muppets simultaneously. Previously: Muppet Marketing and Muppet Philosophy.

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Muppets Marketing: It’s Time to Light the Lights

Editor: Please help me welcome back our latest guest author Amanda Correia. Ladies, Gentlemen, and Muppet-kind, In less than four short months, one of the most highly anticipated and best-marketed films of the year will finally hit theaters. That’s right, … Continue reading

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