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  • New Vinyl Figures at DisneyStore
    New Vinyl Figures at DisneyStore

    I’ll admit I’m not the biggest fan of Disney’s Vinylmation. I think they’re off model in all the wrong ways. But I understand why people are a fan. They’re certainly coming out with all sorts of creative concepts for the series. For instance, I really love this new Vinylmation Sushi…

  • Vinylmation Villains Series Winner
    Vinylmation Villains Series Winner

    Congratulations to ‘Vader’s Mom’, winner of the 5 figures from the exclusive Vinylmation Villains series from The Disney Store. Thanks to everyone who entered. I enjoyed reading everyone’s choice of their favorite Vinylmation or for a figure they wish Disney would make. Who knows… maybe the designers are reading this…

  • Disney Store unveils Marvel product
    Disney Store unveils Marvel product

    Barring a last minute intervention from Dr. Octopus, the merger between the Walt Disney Company and Marvel is now complete. Yes, you can now buy Marvel product at the Disney Store online. (Actually, it really be complete when the Boys toys room at the World of Disney store in Orlando…

  • Another Disney Store closing
    Another Disney Store closing

    The string of closures impacting Disney Stores across North America continues. This time a store in Fort Wayne, Indiana gets the axe. This appears to be part of a strategy by The Disney Stores to take advantage of the down commercial real estate market and negotiate some better rental rates…

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