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Steampunk Disney Princesses

Steampunk Belle I love Steampunk and I really love Disney, so when Karen Hallion combined the two into a series of portraits she had my full attention. Hallion plan’s on doing a series of 12 Steampunk Disney girls, then move … Continue reading

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Historically Accurate Disney Princesses

Disney animators often take full advantage of that thing called ‘artistic license’ when they’re creating the animated characters we know and love. This appears to have really bugged one artist who took to Deviant Art to show how four Disney … Continue reading

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Disney Princess Cakes

There appears to be an uncanny valley effect with Princess cakes. Decorations can be so close to good and yet so far. Freehand hand-piped chocolate decorations featuring Cinderella, “The Princess & The Frog,” & Belle from “Beauty & The Beast” … Continue reading

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Disney Princesses meets Mean Girls in Youtube Mashup

Over on Youtube Pinkwhig has uploaded a video mash-up that melds Disney Princess movies with the movie Mean Girls starring Lindsay Lohan. Yet another very good fan-made mashup. Keep them coming. Enjoy “Mean Disney Girls”:

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Is The Princess and the Frog Disney’s next Franchise?

Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger takes the 1980s idea of synergy that was perfected by the early Eisner and Wells administration to the next level with his concept of the Franchise. I’m not talking Kevin Garnett for you NBA … Continue reading

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