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  • Disney’s Zootopia taps into Millennial Marketing Playbook

    Millennials, they’re the age group every advertiser covets. Getting them to buy your product or watch your movie can make the difference between breaking even or hitting the box office jackpot. For its upcoming animated feature “Zootopia,” Disney has been trying to appeal to Millennials by creating marketing pieces that…

  • Two new clips from Pixar’s Inside Out

    Disney took Pixar’s Inside Out to the Cannes Film Festival this year and early reviews are good. No good isn’t enough to describe the audience reaction. They stood and shouted bravo. Variety calls it “the greatest idea the toon studios has ever had.” That’s pretty high praise considering Pixar’s track…

  • What Does Adele Dazeem Think Of Muppets Most Wanted?
    What Does Adele Dazeem Think Of Muppets Most Wanted?

    A new TV trailer is out for “Muppets Most Wanted.” Apparently Adele Dazeem is a movie critic now. I wonder what Miss Piggy thinks? Adele Dazeem, of course, is the ‘persona’ created by John Travolta’s infamous flub of Idina Menzel’s name at the Oscars. She’s been getting around, but if…

  • Woola – The Real Star of John Carter?
    Woola – The Real Star of John Carter?

    Does it say something about your movie when more people are talking about a complete digital creation than the film’s real life stars? Well Woola is getting some of the best comments from John Carter. Disney Marketing is finally getting on the Woola love train and has released this fun…

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