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  • Top Five Attractions We Want to See in Disney Kingdoms

    With Disney Kingdoms’ Haunted Mansion #1 debuting this month and Figment 2 coming out as a trade paperback next month, I’ve been thinking a lot about Marvel’s Disney Kingdoms comic line, specifically how much I’ve enjoyed them. Seekers of the Weird was, indeed, a weird little tale but a good…

  • Disney Kingdoms Haunted Mansion comic arriving soon

    Marvel Comics announces a grim grinning addition to their Disney Kingdoms imprint. A new series focused on Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion will bring new marvelous stories to its fans. Written by super fan Joshua Williamson and penned by Jorge Coelho, the Haunted Mansion series will showcase their love for the famous…

  • Happy Halloween Disney Kingdoms True Believers!
    Happy Halloween Disney Kingdoms True Believers!

    Marvel just posted a teaser for the next installment of the Disney Kingdoms series and it involves 999 happy haunts. Coming soon. #disneykingdoms pic.twitter.com/n1fw5DwGCL — Marvel Entertainment (@Marvel) October 31, 2015 The Haunted Mansion will be released in 2016. I would love to see some connection to the Seekers of…

  • Figment returns in new comic from Disney Kingdoms

    Disney Kingdoms’ second title, Figment, was a huge success so it comes as no surprise that Disney announced that the next series in Marvel’s comic line will be Figment 2 (though it’s also no less exciting. The first one was great). Jim Zub, who wrote the first story, is returning…

  • New from Disney Kingdoms – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad
    New from Disney Kingdoms – Big Thunder Mountain Railroad

    I have been very interested in Marvel’s new Disney Kingdoms comic title and enjoyed what I’ve read so far. Their first story was a supernatural adventure about the conceived but never built Museum of the Weird called, well, Seekers of the Weird. They followed that up with a surprisingly popular…

  • Figment and Dreamfinder to get their own Comic Book
    Figment and Dreamfinder to get their own Comic Book

    I have been very curious to see where the Disney Kingdoms comic line goes after their trip to the Museum of the Weird. Marvel has announced, with one little spark of inspiration, that they will be taking a journey into imagination with their next five-issue story starring Figment (ok, bad…

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