• Vanishing Walt
    Vanishing Walt

    There is an article that gets written every few years by someone in the Disney fan community. It bemoans how the company is moving away from Walt Disney the person. How no one asks any more ‘What would Walt do?’ We all know that train has left the station. Comparing…

  • The Artistry of Pinocchio
    The Artistry of Pinocchio

    The animation of Milt Kahl, Freddy Moore, Ward Kimball and the music of Paul Smith really shine through in this scene from Pinocchio. To heighten the drama the dialog has been removed and just the animation and soundtrack are left to tell the story. Here Pinocchio witnesses the transformation of…

  • Paul F Anderson is blogging
    Paul F Anderson is blogging

    Paul F Anderson is back and blogging at the grandiose named “Disney History Institute” blog. Anderson was the editor and author of the fabulous “Persistence of Vision” magazine and audio tape series from back in the 1990s. He’s only been going at this for a month and already there’s a…

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