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  • Videopolis: The Real Frozen
    Videopolis: The Real Frozen

    Dan McNeely, Kevin T Willson, and friends wondered how the characters from Disney’s Frozen would react if they were all roommates, like in a reality TV show similar to “Big Brother.” The result is “The Real Frozen” and today’s videopolis: I really liked the guy who played Hans, wonderful facial…

  • Magic Kingdom Minecraft Walk-Through
    Magic Kingdom Minecraft Walk-Through

    We finally succumbed and bought my son a Minecraft license this week. He’s already hard at work building his first virtual theme park with his friend. If that’s what he wants to do, he could do a lot worse than studying this virtual Magic Kingdom created by Ryan Hecht, his…

  • Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing
    Disney Bound, it’s becoming a thing

    We’ve talked before about how going DisneyBound to the parks is becoming a thing. And we think the trend is picking up steam. There are a couple factors to this: Social media. It’s so easy to share your daily life on social media, especially movies or pictures, so why not…

  • 10th Anniversary Celebration: Live Tweets Return!
    10th Anniversary Celebration: Live Tweets Return!

    It has been a LONG while since we’ve done a Live Tweet…I think the last one was Hercules and barely anyone did it…though we started so strong! So, I rethought out the format and I’ve decided that LIVE TWEETS ARE BACK, BABY! (read that in the voice of Stacey from…

  • Newsies Fan Week
    Newsies Fan Week

    Disney’s Newsies was only supposed to have a 100 day run on Broadway, but it’s now been playing more than 5 times that long. Everyone at the production will tell you could not have done it without the support of their fans. So it’s great to see them turn around…

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