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  • Where are the Disney Game Apps?
    Where are the Disney Game Apps?

    There is a great library of Disney characters ranging from Oswald The Lucky Rabbit to the Disney Afternoon Cartoons; and yet, when you look at the iOS Apps that Disney is releasing, it seems if there isn’t a marketing budget for some new movie or re-release, then it doesn’t make…

  • The EPCOT Song
    The EPCOT Song

    There are rare moments in human history when you must pause and marvel at the amazing things humanity can create. For many Disney Fans, the ideals, dreams, and hard facts behind EPCOT Center represents the peak, the pinnacle, dare we say, the zenith of human achievement. So it only seems…

  • A Time-Lapse Disneyland Christmas
    A Time-Lapse Disneyland Christmas

    Photographer Tom Bricker has nearly outdone himself with this one. It’s a fast paced time-lapse video of Disneyland and California Adventure all decorated for this year’s Christmas events. Keep in mind he didn’t have any special access or help from the theme park to do this. I think it rivals…

  • Pixar UP House Sold in Herriman Utah
    Pixar UP House Sold in Herriman Utah

    The famous Pixar Up House in Herriman, Utah was never technically on the market, but the developer decided one couple loved Disney and the movie UP as much as he did, so he sold them the house. The Hamblin’s plan to move in after January 4th when the paperwork closes….

  • Disney Dream Portrait Fan Series Wraps Up
    Disney Dream Portrait Fan Series Wraps Up

    Duy Trong, whose Disney Dream Portrait inspired photo series I’ve profiled here and here, is giving up childish things and has entered college as a freshmen. But before he left to start on his new path, he finished the series by adding some of his best work yet. Duy and…

  • Minecraft Magic Kingdom
    Minecraft Magic Kingdom

    Once again Disney fandom knows no bounds. In this case it’s a bunch of Minecraft players guilding together to create a virtual Magic Kingdom in Minecraft. Minecraft is a sandbox building space where you can create pretty much anything you want, as long as you conform to the constraints of…

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