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  • D23 Expo – Day Two: Cosplay and Highlight Video
    D23 Expo – Day Two: Cosplay and Highlight Video

    Highlights from the 2nd day of the D23 Expo. Features John Goodman and Billy Crystal’s Disney Legend ceremony, a bevy of red carpet interviews (you may have to turn up the volume a bit to hear, sorry), and scenes from the floor. A few examples of fan cosplay below the…

  • D23 Expo – Watch Day One Highlights
    D23 Expo – Watch Day One Highlights

    Highlights from day one of the D23 Expo the official Disney Fan Club’s big convention. Included in the video is a welcome from Disney Chair and CEO Bob Iger, Pixar animation’s John Lasseter, the voice cast of Disney’s Frozen, Phineas & Ferb’s Wafflenator, and much more. So far, a lot…

  • D23 Expo Opens Today, Sold Out for Saturday
    D23 Expo Opens Today, Sold Out for Saturday

    Update: D23 just announced that Friday is completely sold out. Sunday tickets can still be bought online or in person. But it sounds like you’d better hurry. Today is the grand opening for the first D23 Expo post opening the membership to anyone for free. Some are expecting this expo…

  • D23 Fanniversary Orlando Review
    D23 Fanniversary Orlando Review

    On June 23rd, the D23 Fanniversary Celebration finally made it to Orlando. After starting on April 27th and making its way across the country, its second to last stop was Disney’s Hollywood Studios. The event was a showcase of the various Disney anniversaries happening this year, all in honor of…

  • D23 Announces Fall Events
    D23 Announces Fall Events

    With D23 launching its first Expo tomorrow it seems like an odd time for the club to be looking forward. But for all the members who can’t make it to Anaheim for the event, perhaps you’ll find something in your area you can attend later this year. October 7 –…

  • NFFC Summer Convention Preview
    NFFC Summer Convention Preview

    Although an ‘official’ Disney fan organization has recently come on the scene there are still plenty of good reasons to get involved with the NFFC, the Disneyana Fan Club. For example, there are plenty of things you can say or do at a fan organized convention that you just can’t…

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