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  • Teaser Trailer for Shanghai Disneyland Fantasyland

    Shanghai Disneyland is beginning to tease mainland locals with details of the new park. The first trailer features elements of Fantasyland. Viewers are advised that even more details will be released at an event on July 15, 2015. This trailer features some footage from Disney’s Cinderella, and plus new concept…

  • Tourism Official – Shanghai Disneyland Expected to Draw Big
    Tourism Official – Shanghai Disneyland Expected to Draw Big

    While this isn’t coming from an official Disney representative, there was some interesting news made at the International Academy of Tourism expo in Shanghai. Construction is just underway on Shanghai Disneyland, it won’t open until 2016, but expectations are already pretty high. According to Alastair M. Morrison, director with the…

  • More Shanghai Disneyland Details
    More Shanghai Disneyland Details

    We’re learning a few more details about Shanghai Disneyland today. We’ve learned the Operating Conditions, which is basically how will it be built and who will control its operations, and some additional attraction details. Some of this is a bit fuzzy as there appears there might be some translation issues….

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