• Review: Disney animation’s Zootopia

    When a small town bunny heads to the big city to make a difference, she stumbles into a world that’s more complex than she can imagine. Even after enlisting the help of a reluctant fox witness, will she be able to untangle the mystery in time? Take out the animals…

  • Review: The Good Dinosaur Blu-ray DVD from Pixar

    On a planet where dinosaurs evolved un-threatened by that nasty life-ending asteroid, two unlikely pals find their way to a new life through wild country and against unexpected adversaries. Can Arlo and Spot survive to make their way home? That’s the story of Pixar’s latest animated feature – The Good…

  • International Zootopia Trailer reveals new footage

    We were excited to see a new international trailer for Walt Disney Animation Studios 55th animated feature “Zootopia.” There was a lot of new footage, a couple new characters, and a new name. Zootopia will be called “Zootropolis” in Europe ( closer to Greece, I guess ). The team behind…

  • What if… Alice in Wonderland was a Horror film?

    The fine folks over at Mashable have recut a trailer for Disney’s Alice in Wonderland reimagining it as a classic horror film. Alice in Wonderland is on just this side of psychological thriller anyway, so a horror mashup trailer is not that far a stretch. Was it effective? You be…

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