• Pixar’s Coco reveals new poster, cast of characters

    We’re all anticipating “Coco” the next original story from Pixar Animation Studios. “Coco” tells the story the the power of family relationships across generations and features characters from the Land of the Living and their loved ones who’ve moved on to the Land of the Dead. Joining aspiring musician Miguel,…

  • Should Wall-E have a larger presence in the parks?

    One of the things I love about “Happily Ever After,” the new fireworks and projection show at the Magic Kingdom, is that it features one of the rare appearances of Wall-E and Eve in a Disney attraction. The 2008 Pixar film is one of my favorites and it’s been practically…

  • Has Pixar Lost its Way?

    With Car 3 hitting theaters on June 16 and a fourth Toy Story already in the works, there’s a feeling highlighted by one Hollywood insider that Pixar studios is undergoing “a sort of creative bankruptcy.” A new article in The Atlantic makes the claim that Pixar has lost its way….

  • Pixar Cars 3 Preview coming to Disney parks

    You’ll soon be able to race into either Disney California Adventure or Disney’s Hollywood Studios and watch an special sneak peek of the next film from Pixar – Cars 3. Beginning May 12 at Bug’s Life Theater in DCA and May 26 at One Man’s Dream attraction in DHS, you…

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