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Camp Rock 2 and the Disney Channel Theme

I sat through at least two showings of Camp Rock 2 with my daughter. Disney is about nothing if not over-exposure, and they showed it on the Disney Channel all weekend long, every night including tonight’s Labor Day holiday. My … Continue reading

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Demi Lovato pushes the boundary of the teen Disney Starlet Role

I’ll admit that as the father of a young boy, the modern Disney starlet doesn’t show up on my radar much. Sure we’ve watched an episode of Hannah Montana or two but we’re just not the target of much of … Continue reading

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Princess Protection Program on DVD, so soon

I sat down to watch my DVR’d version of Disney Channel’s “Princess Protection Program” with my 6 year old son tonight with low expectations of it keeping our attention. But I need not have worried. PPP is a great movie … Continue reading

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