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  • New Lincoln TV Spot
    Lincoln - Window

    I love the above promotional photo featuring Daniel Day-Lewis as President Lincoln. It reminds me of the painting created for “Hall of Presidents” and later used in “Great Moments With Mr Lincoln.” For comparison purposes, here’s a photo of that room from Lincoln’s presidency: If you were watching election coverage…

  • New Extended Lincoln Trailer
    Lincoln movie poster

    If you were too drunk from the Presidential Debate drinking game or not watching one of the three main networks last night, then chances are you missed the new extended trailer for Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln. It starts off with the words of Abraham Lincoln in voice over and photos of…

  • First Trailer for Lincoln Debuts
    First Trailer for Lincoln Debuts

    Steven Spielberg’s epic movie “Lincoln” focuses on the final few months of the President’s life as he struggles to try and heal a nation turn asunder by civil war. The list of actors who appear in the film is a who’s who of Hollywood: Two-time Academy Award® winner Daniel Day-Lewis,…

  • Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln, New Poster Released
    Daniel Day-Lewis is Lincoln, New Poster Released

    I’m so impressed with Daniel Day-Lewis as an actor. The man is known for his total transformations into the person he is portraying. As you can see by this newly released movie poster below, and the previous image released, Day-Lewis has done it again with Abraham Lincoln. Steven Spielberg directs…

  • First Look at Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘Lincoln’
    First Look at Daniel Day-Lewis in ‘Lincoln’

    The Walt Disney Studios released this incredible first still of Daniel Day-Lewis in character as president Abraham Lincoln, from Steven Spielberg’s upcoming biopic Lincoln. Like Spielberg’s War Horse, Lincoln is a DreamWorks Studios production and will be distributed in North America by Disney through the Touchtone Pictures banner. The film, which…

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